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Our Story

As a young girl I can recall my grandfather talking about these special cats called a Maine Coon; he'd claim you know you have a real coon if they have extra toes. He'd talk about how he would like to raise Maine Coons to continue their blood lines; but he never had the opportunity. Grandpa is no longer with us today, but I do smile as I look at my Maine Coons. I believe if he could see how those innocent conversations so many years ago inspired my decision to begin a Maine Coon breeding program he would be very proud. Here at 4 Paws Racing our true goal, like grandpa used to talk about, is to preserve this beautiful breed.


My name is Julie and together with my husband Scott we ​are slaves to our Maine Coons. We recently relocated to north central Missouri from Washington State. With so much family still in Washington we will be no strangers to our former home state. Thankfully our MC girls LOVE road trips and love sneaking into the Cat Show halls whenever the opportunity presents itself.

People will sometimes ask why I chose to name my cattery 4PawsRacing. Somewhat of a long story; bare with me. My husband and our son both race together and against each other at our local racetrack. Comparatively, anyone who has seen multiple cats running and playing around the house would agree; it really does remind you of a NASCAR race, only with 4 paws rather than 4 tires. And like breeding, racing is really a labor of love at the end of the day. As I was considering a name I saw these parallel's between our racing program and what we lovely called our cat program. So, I decided collectively, this cattery is my own cat racing program. And so, 4PawsRacing was born.


As we continue to transition into our new lifestyle in the Midwest, we look forward to many future generations of Maine Coons and Polydactyl Maine Coons. Please reach out to us with any questions through our contact page or social media. We are always happy to talk about our cat family.

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